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我學習及練習秘傳武當太極拳及養生功法已有16年!今年2月應邀出席導師 Dede Wong 舉辦的靈氣 (Reiki) 介紹講座,繼而參加靈氣一階及二階課程!在學習過程中,我的確認識及體驗到一些簡單而又可行的檢查及治療身體疾病方法,以補我在這方面的不足!

       ~ Andy Law



心靈拼貼課堂令我更加清楚了解自己,同時亦可以更加理解別人的感受和思想。每次堂上都會感受到那種氣場能量,原來當一群人聚集在一起時,那種正能量釋放可以好強,甚至可以互相影響的。如當一個人正能量高的時候,會形成有種吸力,可以去幫助一些負能量比較大的人去釋放他們 潛在的壓力和煩惱。所以心靈拼貼是一種好有效的方法,令人與人之間互相溝通、了解、相處、包容等功效。

      ~ Juliana Cheung



I knew nothing about All Love when I first attended the workshop in 2016, but deep inside my heart I knew this was the one I needed. I had lot of emotions coming out during the workshop but had no clue what it was, as those emotions and feeling I experienced were not from this lifetime. I could connect with the energy much easier when I attended the workshop again the next year and therefore I joined the teacher training session. All Love changed my life tremendously, both my career and spiritual growth. My clients told me All Love energy flushed out lots of negative energies that made their life much easier without too much irritation or negative emotions attached. Thank you Patrick and Sirley for giving us such beautiful experience from All Love. ❤️

      ~ D.




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