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Akashic Records Readings

Akashi Record is the soul file, "Book of Life", which records all life experiences of each soul since birth, containing records of our every thought, action, deed, word, feeling, emotion and intent, just like the super computer of the universe, storing everyone's life history, which influences our daily lives, our relationships, our feelings, our belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us. It also assists every soul to grow and provides guidance to every individual on how to live better.

Akashic record is in another dimension, called Akasha. Akasha has a higher dimension than where we are living in. The literal translation of Akasha refers to the meaning of “upper sky” or “space” in Hinduism. Because the time dimension is higher, the time rule is not actually applicable. The Akashic record basically records what has happened, is happening, or will happen. In Akasha, every thought and action in the past, present, and future is archived indefinitely, so every action, speech, and thought we make will leave traces in the Akasha realms that we are not aware of.  


Contemporary physicist Ervin Laszlo explored the concept of Akasha from a scientific point of view, thinking that Akasha contains a model of ideal humanity, such as harmony and equanimity . As stated in Bible, all life records are kept in heaven, and these records are used to judge each soul. The famous writer and psychic Edgar Cayce narrates that the Akashic record contains all the history of each soul since its birth. These records connect each of us to each other.


Advantages for Akashic Records Readings :

  • Understand the purpose of life

  • Know much better about your inner self

  • Assist the healing of your body, mind and soul 

  • A tool to get answers when you encountered problems in your life

  • Aid in finding blueprint in your previous life for assisting self-healing

  • Support the evolution of your soul or life journey

  • Assist planning in personal (e.g. affection, wealth, health, etc.) or at work 

  • Help to heal yourself and others



Suitable person: anyone


Cost: HKD1100 / USD145 (45 mins.)

Registration: Link




Thank you Love Art for helping me resolve my inner problems, clarify the source of the problem, and alleviate my worries.


Very helpful, because l don't know how to ask many questions.  But the facilitator can teach me how to ask questions.  And it gave me a very clear reading.  Thank you very much, much appreciate!

~  jj li

Thank you very much Love Art! The reading really reflected the real situation and what I thought in my mind, and it also helped me to pay attention to what I needed to address on the important issues.  The entire reading process made me feel comfortable and kindness ~~

~  Elli Z

The reading is detailed and the facilitator is patient.  Great!

~  5ek ng

Many thanks to Love Art for helping me review my Akashic records and resolving my troubles, and therefore I can understand what I should do to resolve the core problem first.  Thanks! ❤️

~  Ting Yan Chiu

The facilitator is Nice, the akashic record reading is clear and comfortable.  Solving my problems and letting me have a new direction for my change, making me know what I should do.  It really helps me a lot, and I am very grateful for your help.  Thank you!

~  Kinki Chiu

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