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Angel Tarot Workshop

Angel Tarot card provides accurate spiritual guidance information, allowing you to enter the journey of exploration. Angel Tarot card message is experienced from 3 different directions - body, mind and spirit. Each card has its meaning, can be a message of love, safe and trustworthy, or provides enlightening guidance for your life journey!


Angels are messengers, intermediaries and contacts of God. Angels travel between different dimensions and higher realms. Therefore, when Angels give you a message through Angel Tarot card reading, pay attention to that kind of message you are experiencing in your life. Angels will let you know his existence through card readings. The card message is a sacred message for you. It is not mainly for prediction, though it may sometimes include this kind of message. Through the positive energy of angels and the mysterious algorithm of Tarot, Angel Tarot card let people learn card reading with clear concept and nterpret the card message that angels are trying to bring forth..


In this workshop, you can learn the basic techniques of card readings, from simple one-card spread and three-card spread, to new spread specifically designed for a particular question.  



[ Benefits of Angel Tarot Card]


  • Clear thought

  • Open mind

  • Improve intuition

  • Receive divine guiding message

  • Learn how to connect with angels and understand the messages brought forth by angels



【Course content】


  1. Structure of Angel Tarot card

  2. Angel Tarot characteristics and elements (such as symbols, images, numbers and angels)

  3. How to use Angel Tarot card to improve life and manifest your dream

  4. Basic card spread, and create your own card spread to improve card reading skills



Suitable for: Anyone


Date: to be determined


Time: 1.5 days


Cost: $ 2200


Location: Tsim Sha Tsui (address to be provided after enrollment)

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