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Clear Mind Energy Flow
  • Have you ever had the experience to concentrate on work, but the chaotic mind prevented you from doing so?

  • Have you ever experienced that after an unpleasant issue happened, the same issue kept appearing in your mind, and you could not concentrate on the work that needs to be done?

  • Have you ever experienced inexplicable negative emotions when you communicate with someone?

  • Have you ever had any experience you could not sleep well due to a lot of random thoughts?

Clear Mind Energy Flow aims to improve the clarity of your mind, eliminate the chaotic mind and negative emotions in your belief system, so that you can reconnect with your soul and have a happy life again.


Generally speaking, it takes a very long period of time to attain a clear mind state.  Clear Mind Energy Flow, one of the energy systems under Energy Flow series, is an easy and effective way to remove chaotic mind. Once you can quiet your mind, it will become your nature. Don't let the messy mind control you, learn how to clear your tangled inner thought. When your mind is clear, you can effectively make correct decisions with your conscious mind.  You will also feel more relaxed, peaceful and joyful.


  • Clear mind

  • Improve awareness

  • Reduce distractions

  • Reduce fear and competition

  • Reduce helplessness

  • Improve inner peace

  • Enhance your potential

  • Increase vibration

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Reduce negative thinking and emotions

  • Improve interpersonal relationships

  • Reduce attachment

  • Reduce the chance of brain disease

  • Reduce tangled thoughts

  • Enhance innovative thinking

  • Improve exploration ability

  • Improve the ability to open inner talent


Suitable for: 18 years old or above




"During the session, I felt a lot of energy on the head. I felt very calm when receiving energy. The only thing attracted my attention was my heartbeat and the energy vibration inside my head. The situation of distraction that usually occurs during my meditation did not happen during the session. Instead, I was able to have a conscious mind during energy receiving, and stay calm without any distractions. After the process was finished, I could still feel energy moving around continuously in my head for more than ten minutes.

In the next two days, I felt my whole body was not so tight as before. I was able to review things from the third party's perspective, and I obviously felt that I did not attach much to my personal viewpoint, and I reacted differently for those issues I care about in my daily life.  For example, I would feel angry when I asked somebody question but didn't get a response.  However, after the session, I was not irritated by not getting response, and didn't feel I need to get angry because of this."
~ Z.

"After the session of receiving "Clear Mind Energy Flow", I feel my heart is calmer than usual. For example, when people spoke to me with unpleasant words, I was not drawn to that and could completely forget it after the communication.  I also feel I have much stronger positive energy when interacting with others, and therefore I could easily get their trust and kind respect."
~ J.


"When I received this energy, I felt a slight electric shock. It lasted for more than ten minutes after the session was ended. The most obvious change was that I could communicate well with my inner self, my intuition improved, and my material desire decreased.
When connecting with angelic celestial, my ego was lowered to a level that I could easily receive guiding message from them.  There were so many thoughts from ego that hindered my connection with angels in the past turned out to be reduced tremendously after the seession, making my connection with angels and higher self much closer now."

"Two experiences. One was the recognition that I was unaffected by a discussion whereby I was told emphatically that I was wrong and I knew I was right so I just said okay if that's what you think (meaning the other person). The other person wouldn't let the subject drop as I tried to walk away twice but I felt sorry for how frustrated the other person had become that I was once again drawn into the discussion. I almost became angry and did finally walk away. I did also RECOGNIZE exactly how the other person felt because I have been in that same frustrated place and was proud I didn't become "unglued."
Secondly I was able for the very first time "place" or visualize myself inside of something like the pyramid instead of seeing myself like on a movie screen which meant I was projecting outward. "
~ Donna W.


"After receiving the Clear Mind Energy Flow, I am getting positive change day by day. After self-changed, I found all people around me also have positive change in their attitude - be gentle, tolerant, appreciate, etc.
For example, when I talked to a new customer, she indicated she will consider me as her friend, even if she no longer uses our service, as she found I am different from my other colleagues.  This gives me enormous encouragement and recognition. This proved that after energy received, if I insist on positive thinking and nourishing my mind and heart, I will definitely have better improvement."  🙏😊

Image by Lesly Juarez
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