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Connect with Angel Workshop

ANGELS are the messengers of God. Many people in the world believe in guardian angels. Some people think that everyone is assigned one guardian angel to take care of themselves. Some people think that everyone has two guardian angels - one angel for day and one angel for night. Some people will communicate with angels through meditation and prayer, while others will communicate with angels through other means. In any case, the angel will always be with us, guard us, and help us throughout every day.


The angel's job is to deliver messages to us, to give us protection, comfort, and guidance. Angels can help solve the problems of our daily life, however, we may not know how to connect with them.


If you find that many things are not smooth, blocked, unhappy, and do not know how to do well, at this time you can communicate with your angels and let the robe give you information, guidance, and how to deal with the problem. Angels are the messengers of God. Their purpose is to give love and protect people, to help us solve various problems in life, to heal our emotions, and to give us guidance.


Through this workshop, you can learn how to connect with angels and obtain angel messages and guidance.


【Study content】

  • Angel profile

  • How to connect with angels

  • Tips for connecting with angels

  • How to receive angel messages



Suitable for: People interested in learning




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