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Release Judgement Energy Flow
  • Have you ever thought that criticizing yourself or others will prevent you from becoming affluent?

  • Do you know that criticizing yourself or others can affect your quality of life?

  • Do you understand that criticism can affect emotion and health?

  • Do you know that criticism will restrict your mind, body and work?

  • Do you really accept criticism of your life or that of others?

Criticism is based on one's lifestyles, measuring the social circumstances and the fact of interaction, and taking the fact pre-determined by that person as absolute truth. But in fact, the so-called truth is just a preset, and it cannot guarantee that everyone will live in this preset truth. All that is determined as the truth is just a partial truth, which is formed by a combination of assumptions from different people's beliefs and each person's own life experience.

To criticize a person is to measure that person. Once a person is weighed, society will determine that person's economic value and lifestyle, and exclude the essence of his/her personal development or benevolence. Criticism restricts the transformation of one's life. When one starts to criticize his/her own life, he/she will drive himself/herself to criticize the life of others to maintain the balance of his/her own assessment and force everyone to have the same answer to life. Once the criticism is raised, it will only eventually generate huge pressure and conflict. Criticism will also limit one's development.

Release Judgement Energy Flow aims to easily remove the energy of criticizing oneself or others. Criticism comes from past unpleasant life experiences, it carries old memories or traumas. Release Judgement Energy Flow can heal one's deep wounds of criticism without requiring to clear old memories or relive wounds. Healing criticism requires a lot of courage because every criticism we made is a core wound. Even the slightest criticism comes from our own inner shadow and shame. Once the criticism is removed or improved, it is easy to accept new things, new inspiration, new opinions and new experiences. Not only is the sense of happiness and satisfaction improved, but the communication between people will also become harmonious and improving.  Negative emotions will, therefore, be reduced, and abundance will follow.



  • Dispel prejudice

  • Reduce conflicts

  • Release established beliefs

  • Expand brain space

  • Boost positive energy

  • Enrich abundant energy

  • Reduce restrictive thinking

  • Improve clarity

  • Improve thinking

  • Improve interpersonal relationships

  • Improve health

  • Release negative energy

  • Improve unity of thought

  • Reduce self-criticism

  • Release self-limitation

  • Improve sense of happiness

  • Improve room for work development

  • Enhance innovation

  • Increase one's connection with nature and animals

  • Reduce waste of resources

  • Enhance workflow

  • Easy to accept new things

Suitable for: 18 years old or above



"After receiving Release Judgment Energy Flow, I naturally stopped criticizing others. I realized that this can make things or people better. As long as we stay away from judgment, we can get well along with anyone or any things, respect each other, be more harmonious, do more with less, every day is a happy day. 😄
~ JC

Image by Kristina Flour
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