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Soul Reconnect Energy Flow
  • Do you know who you really are?

  • Do you know the difference between "self" and "authentic self"?

  • How do you know that you are connected to the deeper level of the true nature of yourself?

  • Do you know that there is a huge difference between "self" and "soul"?


Usually we think that "self" is our soul. We see our body, title, job, relationship, financial or physical material, etc., and think this is "self". However, none of these constitutes to a real "self". Your "self" is a thought created by yourself, which is covered by the social mask.


Your soul is what you really are, deep inside of you, hidden under the label that you created to identify yourself. When you align with your soul every day, you will find that your life becomes more alive, the sense of connection with yourself is more real, you will really feel the truth of freedom, you will be as happy as a child; this joy comes from the bottom of your heart, but not from any external factors.


Soul Reconnect Energy Flow aims to reconnect with your soul. Your soul is the real "self", it is eternal. The more you connect with your soul, the better you will be able to:


  • live in higher consciousness and help transcend yourself,  

  • be passionate about your life and synchronize with the universe, 

  • understand more clearly who you really are, and the reason behind what you have experienced, 

  • be aware of the factor of each action you have taken, or why people you contacted have performed such an act, 

  • realize what you experienced is actually an opportunity given to you for learning, 

  • aware your heart is full of love, you love yourself and love others, 

  • feel you are in synchronicity with the universe, and many things in life do not need to be arranged deliberately, 

  • realize we all are given the power of happiness and a sense of satisfaction by God, so long as we connect with our heart and be the authentic self, 

  • feel happiness and satisfaction from the bottom of your heart, like a child that its happiness is from inner heart but not from an outer source, 

  • deeply feel the truth of freedom, happiness, contentment, strength and inner peace, 

  • notice you are more connected to nature, cherish the earth, and cherish nature, 

  • perceive how great the true power you really have.


  • Improve wisdom

  • Increase vibration

  • Improve interpersonal relationships and communication

  • Enhance work effectiveness

  • Increase sense of happiness and satisfaction

  • Improve cooperation with others

  • Enhance creativity

  • Improve discernment ability

  • Broaden mind and reduce bondage

  • Inspire sympathy

  • Improve forgiveness

  • Enhance compassion

  • Improve tolerance and reduce criticism

  • Enhance connection with God and angels

  • Reduce emotional attachment

  • Increase happiness

  • Increase awareness of unity

  • Improve harmony in society

  • Enhance sense of prosperity

Suitable for: 18 years old or above








"After receiving the Soul Reconnect Energy Flow, I feel that I get closer to the higher beings. When I try to communicate with the angel, the sensation is stronger than before. I can clearly feel the connection with the angel.  When I visualize light with my inner vision, I can feel light through the skin.

While connecting with my higher self, although I am still not able to communicate with my high self very clearly, I can feel my high self is connecting and responding to me, which I was not able to do so in the past. The feeling of knowing light beings in existence is unneglectable, for I can feel the sensation of subtle electric current flowing on my skin continuously, which this kind of feeling can be distinguished naturally when it occurs.

~ ZL



"Thanks to Dede for her transmission of the Soul Reconnect energy more than a month ago. When I received it, it was like a white light pillar going down all over my body and It was so strong that I had to sit back with my back on the sofa. I felt peaceful and calm and it was so soothing that I was almost put to sleep. I was totally immersed with unconditional love and I knew my guides were all there to witness this precious moment with me. I have to realign myself with my True Soul Self, hopefully to be able to realize my highest authenticity and my true soul mission and, most important of all, the greater purpose for why I am here. It was an incredible energy and toward the end I heard “ You are the light.” I couldn't help crying because I know very well that I have reconnected with my soul again. Thank you Dede for this wonderful gift of yours. “

~ YC


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