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ENERGY FLOW is a new series of energy system. It is a simple but yet effective energy healing system. The effect is remarkable. The purpose is to let more people have love and positive energy so that everyone can live with a happy life full of love and joy.


This unique energy system enables recipients to change and improve their lives for their highest benefits.


Characteristics of Energy Flow:


  • Can be transmitted remotely or face to face

  • Synchronicity - energy received instantly while being transmitted

  • Changes are shifted quickly and easily

  • Energy transmission per each session is about 15 minutes

  • Because each person's reaction and reception to energy is different, it is possible to receive same energy flow repeatedly when necessary. However, it is advisable to receive same repeated energy flow, or another energy flow at least four days apart from the last transmission.



Remote transmission energy exchange:

Personal session: HKD680 / USD88 per session

Group session: upon request and discussion



Face-to-face energy exchange, or workshop arrangement:

Personal or group session: contact inquiry



Special attention when receiving energy:

  1. Relax, sit in a comfortable position, it is recommended to sit upright, but not lean to the back of the chair or to the wall, eyes closed

  2. It is best to have a wall or a backrest or a spacious space behind you, for just in case you need to lie down while you are receiving energy.

  3. Let go of your mind, do not hold any pre-determined thought, let the energy flow naturally

Energy Flow series

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Clear Mind

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connect with your heart

Yellow Water Lily

re-connect with your authentic self

Forest Trees

quiet your judgement to others

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compassion to others

Peaceful Candle and Flowers

personal healing

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