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Open Heart Energy Flow

Have you ever thought that many people in the world are burdened with negative emotions, for some reason, they dare not express their true emotions at will, and these negative emotions that have not been expressed have been buried in the heart, and not be able to get relieved.


On the spiritual level, when we hold certain negative emotions or cannot express our true feelings, we are in a spiritual space based on fear. In this situation, we have created obstacles and obstructions in life and cannot receive abundant energy of love surrounding us. Our physical and interpersonal relationships will also be adversely affected.


Open Heart Energy Flow aims to connect with your own heart again, by removing the long term negative energy accumulated in the heart, open and expand your heart, so that your sense of happiness and satisfaction can be improved; your interpersonal relationships can be enhanced and the society, therefore, can be back to the consonance state.  As a result, all people in the society can live in harmony and friendly with each other; use their true love in communication, reduce the feeling of separation, barrier, and conflicts between one another; realign the connection between mind and heart, so as to enhance and improve work efficiency.



  • Re-connect with the heart

  • More calm and stable

  • Strengthen interpersonal communication

  • Improve intuition

  • Improve clairvoyance 

  • Enhance connection with one's higher self or angels

  • Improve self-energy

  • Enhance connection with nature

  • Less disputes with people

  • Less upset

  • Expand love

  • Improve clarity

  • Reduce chances of cardiovascular-related diseases

  • Improve work efficiency

  • Improve sense of happiness and satisfaction

  • Extend cooperation with others

  • Realign the connection between mind and heart


Suitable for: 18 years old or above






"I feel that after receiving "Open Heart Energy Flow", my attention of focus is improved, and I have less wandering thoughts. When I visualized light in my mind, I could feel the light vibrating slightly. I get used to meditating in a very quiet place. However, after receiving the energy, I now can sometimes meditate on the bus with the focus on my breath and listen to the messages from my angels.  Certainly, it is ideal to meditate in a quiet place, the timeframe to get into the trance state, after energy received, turns to be shorter than before."
~ Z.

"Surprised that the energy affected my whole body and not really feeling it in my heart. My whole body felt like pieces were actually separating and floating in their own harmonious space ---- like the tension (which I didn't know I had ) just broke like a tight band had held the pieces together and they then found their own soft spots but still connected! Then there was very subtle energy movement in my right hip. There was also warmth throughout my body.
Thanks again my dear Dede ". 💓💜💙💚💛

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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