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Reiki Level I & II Workshop

REIKI is originated in Japan. It is a simple and safe natural therapy technique used for decompression and relaxation. It can also be used for healing, to improve health and enhance vital energy. It can also be used as an adjunct to any treatment to reduce the side effects of other medical treatments and improve its therapeutic effect.


The learning of Reiki is very easy. It is based on the principle that intangible vital energy keeps flowing in the human body to maintain vitality. When the vital energy force is low, we are susceptible to illness or stress. If the vital energy flow is at a high level, we have the ability to be happy and healthy. By healing with Reiki, the vital energy force in the human body can be enhanced.


The operation of Reiki is very simple, as long as the "hand" of the reiki is connected to the cosmic energy, the reiki is sent to the body, so that the body can be balanced and very safe. Reiki healing can not only deal with physical problem, but also enable energy to directly enter the emotional or spiritual level of the recipient, thereby relaxing and balancing the corresponding problems.


After completing this course, you can perform Reiki healing for yourself or others. The course includes attunement for Reiki I and II, learning how to use Reiki to help relieve pain and addiction, etc., using the hand to scan which part of the body needs the treatment, cleaning personal aura field and objects / areas with negative energy, how to use Reiki symbols to enhance or assist healing treatment, learning how to send reiki remotely to other people or to any parts of your body.


Advantages of Reiki

  • Only need to learn once for life use

  • Help yourself or others to heal anytime, anywhere

  • Reiki energy is flowed naturally to the most needed body part for healing according to the current physical body situation

  • Reduce pain, improve physical body energy, balance negative emotions

  • Can help lift up the energy of food

  • Can be used for remote healing


Reiki Level 1 Study

  1. The origin and history of Reiki

  2. Reiki thought

  3. Reiki principle and application method

  4. Understanding human energy system

  5. Reiki healing hand position

  6. Reiki Level 1 attunement (activate Reiki energy)


Reiki Level 2 study

  1. The recognition and application of Reiki symbols include:

    • Heal bad habits, such as quit smoking, quit alcohol drinking, and lose weight

  2. Heal past wounds

  3. Relief pain

  4. manifest wishes

  5. Use of remote healing

  6. Scan body glands

  7. Gaze

  8. Remove negative energy

  9. Dry bath (clean auric field)

  10. Reiki level II attunement (activate Reiki symbols)


【Course fees】

Reiki Level 1: HK $ 1200

Reiki Level 2: HK $ 2200


Enrolment requirement:

Reiki Level 1: 18 years old or above

Reiki Level 2: Must complete Reiki Level 1


Venue: Tsim Sha Tsui (to be notified after enrolment)


** Special discounted price for enrolment of Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 concurrently: HKD3100






I have been studying and practicing undisclosed Wudang Taijiquan and health-conscious exercises for 16 years! In February 2018, I was invited to attend the Reiki introduction seminar organized by instructor Dede Wong, and then participated in the Reiki Level I and Level II courses! During the course, I have learned and experienced some simple but feasible methods to examine and heal my physical body, to remedy my shortcomings in this aspect!

~ Andy Law


Reiki Treatment
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